Set up android project with Open CV

Open CV is an open sourced computer vision library. It is a machine learning software library used for image processing and computer vision techniques. Open CV has more than 2500 optimized algorithms for Image Processing. It is mostly used for real time computer vision applications.

List of usage.

  • Face Detection
  • Object Detection
  • Line detection
  • Retina recognition
  • Motion understanding
  • Mobile robotics
  • Motion tracking
  • Hand gesture recognition

Step by step configuration: 
  • ·         Create new Android project with C++  support
  • ·         Select C++ version 11
  • ·         Download Open CV SDK From
  • ·         From file ->Import new module -> select  OpenCV-android-sdk\sdk\java
  • ·         From project properties >Import as new module
  • ·         From App View ->Create new jni folder (Name should be jniLibs)
  • ·         Copy all folder from OpenCV-android-sdk\sdk\native\jni  and paste into newly created jniLibs folder
  • ·         Delete all files except .so file extension.
  • ·         Change  CMakeLists.txt
  • ·         Make sure both Gradles  (OpenCV and app ) running in same SDK version
  • ·         Sync the application. 

      Source Ref :

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